I recently returned from a wonderful solo trip to Tofino. I’m blessed with the ability to work 100% remotely so I thought I would take the opportunity to chase the sun. The first two days were torrential downpour, with the rest of the trip being blessed with clear skies and sunshine! I surfed, I ate, and I slept a lot! I enjoyed many cups of coffee on the beach and tried to breathe in as much of the island atmosphere as possible. I lived in Tofino 4 years ago, and I try to go back every year at least once. I surfed a lot as a teenager, and had hung up the wetsuit for a few years until this time around. A friend donated me her old one, so now it’s time to save up for a board again. The gear list never ends!

This time, I stayed at The Pointe At Chesterman, just a stone’s throw from Chesterman Beach – one of the best surfing and sunset-watching spots in Tofino. It was awesome, and the owner Jocelyn made sure I had everything I needed for my stay. The Pointe is made up of 3 suites, each with unparalleled attention to detail with everything you might need for your stay. I love the West Coast Suite. Built in a West Coast design, the beautiful decor and warm wood-paneled walls will make you want to cozy up and never leave. Perfect for solo travellers or a couple, this suite was an idyllic place to stay for a week. Coffee, tea, and snacks are ready for you in your room so you don’t have to worry about your caffeine fix for the weekend. The best part? It’s 30 seconds away from the beach, making it super easy to catch a sunrise or sunset. Boil the kettle and take an early morning stroll to enjoy the morning breeze with a mug of coffee in hand.

I had a slight crisis when I realized I had forgotten my camera charging power cable. After heading to every single store in town (not an exaggeration), I finally managed to get one from Tofino Tech who hooked me up with the one I needed for a mere $10. I was very lucky! Thanks to every single person who gave me recommendations on where to source this cable.

Tofino has some amazing food options. My favourite places to eat in Tofino are Tacofino (obviously), and the 3 S’s: Shed, Shelter and Sobo. Tacofino’s reputation proceeds it, and we are huge fans of the Tuna Taco and Black Bean Gringa. Shed offers a great variety of relaxed, extremely tasty comfort food – we loved the Crispy Tofu and the Attenburger. Shelter is a little more upscale, with very generous portion sizes and a dark, romantic aesthetic. The Baja Fish Tacos and the Izakaya Salad are a favorite! Finally, Sobo, meaning Sophisticated Bohemian, is Tofino’s answer to fine dining – without the pretentiousness. The Halibut Gnocchi, Chowder, and the Key Lime Pie are on the must-try list. I ate the pie 3 times in a week.

I did a lot of walking around on this trip. Chesterman and Mackenzie beach make for awesome sunset photos. Check out the Cox Bay Lookout for a panoramic view (the hike up can be a bit soggy and slippery though). Head to the south end of Cox Bay, and hike the short (but steep) path up to an incredible overlook of Cox Bay. I also love the Tonquin trail for beautiful lookouts, but that one is better to do later in the day as the light can be very harsh. Personally, I love sunrise on the beach. Even though the beaches are all west facing, you still get beautiful hues of pink and purple. For those wanting something more adventurous, look up the Canso Plane Crash hike. Lone Cone is a popular one (boat access required) but is currently closed due to Covid.

I can’t wait to be back for my next trip to Tofino, it’s still a dream of mine to camp out on Flores Island and see some epic wildlife.

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